On That Date, No. 13

“My friend arranged for me to visit Beltsville, Maryland, where the Department of Agriculture maintains the world’s largest experiment station devoted to plant and animal research. For a solid week I explored, . . . peer[ing] into laboratories where government geneticists are at work redesigning nature. Continue reading

In Which Hammer Hits Nailhead

Was going to simply post this on Facebook (had already noted it on Twitter), but realized this is the kind of stuff I used to bring here. Back in those old days.

Segnosaurus galbinensis based loosely on a ske...


Anyway: I ran across this (via Twitter) this morning and want to make sure as many people as possible see it. The content is delightful and informative.

BUT: the Big Important Point here is one that I’ve hammered at here at the blog for a long time, and the one that drives all my work: It’s a perfect, and I do mean perfect, example of how academics, experts, intellectuals of all kinds (scientists, anthropologists, historians, whatever) can use new media to communicate complex ideas to a wide audience.

Absolute perfection.

Things Are Getting Serious . . . .


A machine’s gonna fold this sucker, shove a book in between the folded sheet, wrap the ends of the folded sheet around the book’s front and back covers  — drop it on to a conveyor belt and . . . Voila! Next stop: YOUR house. I hope. Or someone’s house. Someone? Anyone?