But Hey — Since I’m “Here” (Illustrated!)

By the way: book update:

The copyedits happened last month. Dealing with copyedits is my least favorite part of the production process, so I was glad to get that over.

Last week, I proofread the galley (what was my typed manuscript now formatted and laid out as it will appear in “print” with the fonts, the spacing, the page numbers, etc.) (NB: the images you see here include some technical, page-setting stuff that will NOT appear in the final book.) Continue reading

What’s On My Mind? Reading. Weeping.

I added an UPDATE below (see *3) to clarify a point raised on Twitter.

Three essays/op-eds danced through my Twitter stream this morning — all of the in the “read it and weep” category (of which, in my opinion, there’s entirely too much these days….) (*1) (But that’s the essence of the human experience since we stood upright, right?) Continue reading

The Real Deal, Not the Fake One, Part II. Aka Fuck You, Writer-Advice-Givers.

NOW I remember why the title of the previous post. Crap. Brain mush is more advanced than I thought. Yes. Photo. Okay.

So I got new headshots, as they’re called, taken for the new book. (And why not? The last ones are seven years old and more than a bit misleading because, well, I’m seven years older . . . ┬áMakes sense to me.)

The People Who Dole Out Advice To Writers (and their numbers are legion and I have no use for their ilk) ALWAYS tell writers: Get a professional headshot taken. And wear makeup. Or at least the women are supposed to wear makeup. Not the men. The women. (*1) Continue reading