In Which Hammer Hits Nailhead

Was going to simply post this on Facebook (had already noted it on Twitter), but realized this is the kind of stuff I used to bring here. Back in those old days.

Segnosaurus galbinensis based loosely on a ske...


Anyway: I ran across this (via Twitter) this morning and want to make sure as many people as possible see it. The content is delightful and informative.

BUT: the Big Important Point here is one that I’ve hammered at here at the blog for a long time, and the one that drives all my work: It’s a perfect, and I do mean perfect, example of how academics, experts, intellectuals of all kinds (scientists, anthropologists, historians, whatever) can use new media to communicate complex ideas to a wide audience.

Absolute perfection.

Things Are Getting Serious . . . .


A machine’s gonna fold this sucker, shove a book in between the folded sheet, wrap the ends of the folded sheet around the book’s front and back covers  — drop it on to a conveyor belt and . . . Voila! Next stop: YOUR house. I hope. Or someone’s house. Someone? Anyone?