On That Date, No. 9

“The shipping of dressed beef from Chicago to Eastern cities promises to develop into an important industry, and to supersede . . . the present plan of bringing the cattle East alive, and slaughtering them at the place where the meat is disposed of. There is reason to believe that this will give us even a better supply of beef than we have now, at much more reasonable figures.

Chicago's Union Stock Yard, c. 1878

Chicago’s Union Stock Yard, c. 1878

“A prominent New York butcher [said]: Cattle are now shipped here even from Montana. There can be no doubt that the nearer cattle are killed to the feeding ground the better the condition of the meat is. . . .”

“It seems probably that these movements presage a complete revolution in the butchering business of the country.”


“Cheaper Beef,” Trenton [New Jersey] State Gazette, August 31, 1882, p. 2.

One thought on “On That Date, No. 9

  1. So from that comment are we to believe that more people on the east coast eat beef than on the west coast, ergo the reason to ship to east coast?? Or is it the hope that by shipping east, the price can skyrocket before being shipped to other states…we all know things cost much more in the east! Provocative thinking….


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