On That Date, No. 5

Jesse Jewell - Courtesy of  Georgia Agricultural Hall of Fame, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, University of Georgia

Jesse Jewell – Courtesy of Georgia Agricultural Hall of Fame, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, University of Georgia

“In Georgia there is a man who hatches, feeds, raises, kills, plucks, freezes, and sells 10 million chickens a year. He also owns the hens that lay the eggs that hatch into the broiler chicks; and he makes the pies that contain the chicken meat that isn’t sold as frozen broiler. His name is Jesse Jewell, and his operation is just about the perfect example of what may be the agriculture of the future.

“The revolutionary economic organization that propelled Jewell from a small-town feed dealer to the largest integrated producer of broilers in the country is called vertical integration. Some hail it as a long needed reorganization of farm economics that will bring greater efficiency to agriculture; others see it as the slimy tentacles of a tyranny that is changing the American farmer into an employee — a piece rate worker.

“Nearly everyone who has studied the dynamic growth of integration agrees that as this system, which now dominates the broiler industry, is applied to hogs and cattle and other farm enterprises it is bringing about the greatest change in American agriculture in a generation.”


Grant Cannon, “Vertical Integration,” Farm Quarterly 12, no. 4 (Winter 1958): 56.

2 thoughts on “On That Date, No. 5

  1. I’m loving these history tidbits. and the interviews are awesome!

    I imagine [well maybe] that you came across a “Bob Baker” a Cornell University professor in the 50’s and onward, who at some point was asked to improve poultry relations…
    of the many things he developed was this “Crispy Chicken” BBQ marinade
    My Mom’s family was from NY, and i remember my mom making a marinade that we BBQ’d chicken, and having it a lot back at my grandparents YUM
    I think he perhaps created the original chicken nugget, as well as turkey dogs and turkey ham as well as several other poultry related items


    Great to have you back running at full speed no less


    • Hey, Dave: Thanks VERY much to that link for Baker. I did not run across him in my research (but then there are no doubt zillions of things/people I didn’t run across). His obit is fascinating and completely in line with what I learned about the food industry as a whole. THANKS!! (And as always, thanks for hanging in here at the blog. I truly did miss blogging.)


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