PCs, Memory, and Paranoia: Ringing In the New With A Dose of the Old

Meh. Just realized that between double Mac backups every day and Dropbox, I’ve become [frighteningly] complacent about backing up. That ain’t good.

That’s one result of being a desktop/PC oldster: I can remember when Things Crashed. Badly. As in: mainframes crashing and taking every damn thing within range down with it. (Bye, bye 30-page essay…)

Been paranoid ever since. Rule one re. using an electronic date storage device is: those babies will crash, spin, rotate, smash, and die.

So. New Year’s Rez: Backup, baby, backup. Or, okay, some more catchy version of that. (Brain fry here, as I close in on the REAL end of this manuscript.)

2 thoughts on “PCs, Memory, and Paranoia: Ringing In the New With A Dose of the Old

  1. Be sure to make a backup of your backup and keep it somewhere not in your house.

    Most people won’t bother to do that extra step and most people will never have to worry about not having done that extra step but those people that do take that extra step and find that disaster strikes their house (fire, tornado,flood, what have you) will be glad they’ve taken that extra step 🙂

  2. You think? Even with dropbox? Back in the day — until about 3 years ago — I always had two or three physical backups stashed outside the house. Now I figure with Dropbox and Jungle, surely that can’t still be necessary?

    I do get that the lovely little backup machine attached to my mac is only itself. But I also use, on top of everything else, the Apple Time Machine. Could I really still need that extra physical object? Hmmm. And here I thought I was being anal!


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