And It’s That Time of Year Again (No, Not “the Holidays.” That Other Time)

I gather from my Twitter stream that it’s “Repeal Day.” Seventy-nine years and counting.

And here’s what I had to say about it (among other things) on the 75th anniversary.  Oh, and this and this, too. (That last piece was written on the anniversary of the return of legal beer, which was not the same date as the end of Prohibition.)

Please: DO NOT complain that I’m “self-plagiarizing.” (How is such a thing even possible?) Jonah Lehrer I’m not, okay? (*1) (*2)


*1: On Jonah Lehrer and the cautionary tale thereof, see this, among many possible pieces.

*2: Yeah, I’m wondering the same thing you are: “Man, is it possible for this woman to get through ANY blog entry without a bunch of footnotes?”


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