STILL Peddling . . .

. . . as fast as I can.

Specifically: Now researching more deeply into the “recent” past so I can write about 10,000 more words on the whole organic-local-alternative meat system that has emerged in the past ten or fifteen years. I’d written a significant chunk of text devoted to those topics, but The Editor — also known as She Who Must Be Obeyed — wanted a full chapter. Sigh.

English: Lone cyclist above Reeth

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So. With any luck (translation: I don’t fall into an abyss of despair or lose my mental faculties — and there are days when I feel as though that’s about the happen) (okay, who am I kidding? I feel like that EVERY day . . . ) I’ll be finished with this new text in another seven to ten days. And just about then TE (aka SWMBO) will return the manuscript to me with another round of “Oh, this is so GREAT! But — rewrite the entire thing.”

Yes, this is the part where the word “endless” resonates mightily. But I AM getting there. Slowly.

Meanwhile, of course, the election has ended and my worst fears were not realized. On election day, I had occasion to go back to blog entries I’d written in November 2008, which reminded me all over again of just how much I love the blog as a medium for communication. I so want to get this manuscript out of my life so I can get back to regular blogging. Although: fair warning: my brain is already busy thinking about the next book. And I’ve been thinking about how to use the blog to work through ideas for it.

NOT, I hasten to add, that I intend to be one of those “let’s write this book together” authors. Ya know, the ones who post a chapter or section and ask readers to improve it. Please. Ain’t gonna happen here, folks. But I do want to continue thinking about and exploring ideas there that will provide the core of the next book (or so I hope), ideas that, I’ve realized over the past few months, I’ve already tried sketching here without realizing that a book might come from them.

So. That’s what’s what here: Almost finished. Almost, but not quite. (Life has this way of getting in my way. I’ve spent three of the past four weekend in airports, for god’s sake. That’s does NOT further the cause of finishing the book.) On another, and unrelated note, this article in today’s Wall Street Journal contains a quote from me. Enjoy!

I shall return.

2 thoughts on “STILL Peddling . . .

  1. Well, this does seem like a pretty hot topic, so maybe adding this piece will make the book a hot item?

    good luck!

    Its good to hear updates from you


  2. I don’t remember if I’ve ever mentioned this, but back when I started, I was really worried that by the time I got finished, meat/food wouldn’t be big deals anymore. Ha! BOY, was I wrong!!


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