In My Other Life — I Talk, Not Write

Have I ever mentioned that I often talk about my work to others? I do.

Anyway, thanks to Lean Finely-Textured Beef (Pink Slime to you and me), I’ve already done a couple of radio interviews about meat (nice because the book won’t even be out until early 2013).

This one was with the always kind and thoughtful Ray Bowman.

This one early this morning for Q, a program that originates on CBC in Canada and is broadcast in the US via PRI.

4 thoughts on “In My Other Life — I Talk, Not Write

  1. Maureen – thank you so much for bringing this back into context. As a primary producer (a rancher) in an industry that is always under scrutiny, I find it very disheartening and frustrating when people who are so far removed from our food production systems, make misinformed or misrepresented statments that can turn the economics of our indsutry on its head. There is a reason that the local butcher has gone the way of the dodo bird but it shouldn’t be that shocking – if we want new vehicles, electronics, clothes, houses, vacations, etc, etc, etc, the budget for the staples in life (like food) shrinks as the average middle class family chooses cheaper options. If people really knew how much it cost to raise their own livestock to slaughter, have it cut and wrapped by a local butcher AND be efficient enough to use all of the various cuts in the carcass, they may be surprised at the cost. I think that most consumers don’t realize that a steer carcass doesn’t just yield T-bone steaks (has anyone eaten picked tongue, or tripe?). As people are now 4 or more generations away from their rural roots, they have no frame of reference when looking at the less-warm-and-fuzzy side of agriculture and the fear that the meat industry is nefariously trying to “trick” consumers is actually misguided as the industry is simply responding to consumers’ demand. We in North America are fortunate to have beef as a nutritious and safe protein source and, I hope that just spurs change in the industry rather than scaring people off permanently. I look forward to reading your book!

  2. Hah! You just summarized the main argument in my book. I shoulda asked YOU to write it for me. But seriously: it’s SO complicated, all of it, and what frustrates me in the “conversation” is how simple the critics think it is. Ain’t nuthin’ simple about food in general and meat in particular. So am hoping that the book will make that clear and help all of us see our way through this conflict. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment. I appreciate it.


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