The Hiatus Post, Redux

Okay, people, I’m off again — this time until August. The plan, according, ahem, to the contract, is to finish the manuscript by June 1. That ain’t gonna happen. Sigh. But I’m SO. CLOSE. So I will now finish by August first.  

In any case, as before, I’m not kidding myself that I can blog and finish on time. My brain simply won’t stretch that far. Now if I could do without sleep, food, or exercise, hey! Piece of cake. I’d have way more hours in the day and I could blog and research and write, too.

But — ain’t gonna happen. So I shall return, with any luck manuscript in hand. (And again, I take my “coffee breaks” at Twitter and Facebook, both of which require considerably less brain effort, and time, than writing blog entries.)


One thought on “The Hiatus Post, Redux


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