More Jack, Thanks to Jay!

Ohmygod, you gotta go over to Jay Brooks’ blog to see more about Jack.

I knew Jack was planning to visit Russian River this week. Yesterday he did, and by coincidence, Jay, a master chronicler of all things beer, happened to be there, too. So he’s got photos, a video, and therefore documentation that our beloved Jack, screwed-up arm and all, climbed a ladder to sign his old New Albion sign (of which, Vinnie and Natalie Cilurzo are the caretakers).

Damn, I wish I’d been there!

UPDATE: The next day, Jack, Jay, Pat, Natalie, and Vinnie trekked out to the site of Jack’s brewery. Jay recorded the event.

One thought on “More Jack, Thanks to Jay!

  1. We had a seat reserved for you, but you left SFO too soon. Would have loved having you there. Got some delicious cheeses, by Jesus. Maybe next time.


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