Ridin’ Dirty to Bite-Size Edits

Okay, bad title. But wanted to surface for a moment to say hello to those stopping by either because of the Ridin’ Dirty interview or the Bite-Size Edits launch (for that, see here or here). (*1) (The Bite-Size thing, by the way, is, um, addictive, as I discovered when I gave it a whirl. Just what we all need, right? Another internet addiction!)

As I noted in my “hiatus” post, ordinarily I blog at a maniac pace, but I’m currently taking a blog-break so I can finish writing my new book. (Because, yes, I finally realize that I’m not Super Woman. Which is okay because her costume is definitely not to my taste.) But as I also noted in the hiatus post, there’s a whole lotta reading material here.

If, for example, you’re hunting for more of my opinionated opinions on the subject of drinking, click on “Rational Drinking” in the categories on the left, or click on the “Other Projects” button at the top. Now go! Read!


*1: To emphasize a point about the Bite-Size Edits excerpt: The text I’m offering at the site is from a rough draft of the manuscript, with emphasis on the word “rough.” Think of it was crap flowing from my brain to the keyboard, uneditd. In no way, shape, or form should it be construed as polished prose.


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