Sierra Nevada’s 30th Anniversary Celebration Is Underway [Update]

I’ve been hearing about this for months, mostly via Jack McAuliffe, but now there’s finally something up that everyone can enjoy: Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is celebrating 30th anniversary this year.

The company kicked off the festivities a few days ago by launching a special website. There you’ll find photos, videos, and information about the special beers being planned for the occasion. The site is here.

So, hey, take a break and go for a visit. (Apparently that’s not a photo of Jack himself, but of his brother Tom. As Jack says, he musta been seriously fucked up when he sent that to Chico. Me, I blame his post-accident meds.)

(And by the way, he’s feeling much better. Back to his old cranky, sassy self — and looking forward to the brewing collaboration in the spring.)

UPDATE: according to Jack’s siblings, yes, that’s really Jack in the photo. So: either they’re crazy or Jack is. My vote’s on the latter. Tip o’ the mug to Loyal Reader Dave for reminding me to post a notice about all of this here at the blog. And now, per Dave’s instructions, it’s back to work for me.


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