The Surrealism of Modern Life

You gotta love surrealism, especially when it’s live! In person! Happening now! As in my past few days:

As you may know, we midwesterners just experienced a giganto-super-wallopy snow storm. The snow and wind started Tuesday afternoon and stayed with us until Wednesday afternoon (at least here in Iowa). Fourteen inches of snow, forty mile-per-hour winds, etc.

Which would have been okay, except that I was supposed to fly to Los Angeles on Thursday morning for a speaking engagement. When the airport shut down Wednesday morning, I got, um, a little worried? Would I make? Should I even try? And what to do if I can’t make it? (*1)

To cut to the chase (because someone else’s travel woes are about as interesting as someone else’s home movies), I got up Thursday morning at 5 am and decided to give it a try. The temperature was  five degrees below zero, the streets had barely been plowed, the interstate was, as the weather people say, 100% snow and ice covered.

Took me 90 minutes to make a trek that usually take about 45 minutes (which, frankly, wasn’t bad, given the circumstances). Made it to the airport without mishap. (Thank god. Because sliding off the road and into a ditch in sub-zero weather is not my idea of a good time.)

Boarded one airplane. Landed. Boarded a second plane.

Voila! Hours later I was gazing through the plane’s window at — palm trees, sun, warmth. And about an hour or so after that, I was in the hotel’s rooftop, outdoor pool, swimming laps before my speaking gig. That, my friends, is the surrealism of modern life. (*2)


*1: Being the conscientious soul that I am, I rounded up a substitute in case I couldn’t make it: My dear pal and all-round-fabulous-human-being Anat Baron, the producer and director of “Beer Wars,” agreed to take my place if need be, short notice and all. How great is that?

*2: Said surrealism is, to be honest, a tad exhausting. By the time I got back to Iowa last night, I was wiped out, especially thanks to a serious interstate traffic snarl of indeterminate nature that turned my forty minute trip back from the airport into an hour and 45-minute nightmare. And then I had to get up this morning and drive back to Des Moines for a previously planned engagement.

One thought on “The Surrealism of Modern Life

  1. Traveling can be weird and surreal even when mundane,but when seasons and weather is involved it sure gets weirder!I remember years ago, going to Hawaii in January, and it was cold, foggy and unpleasant, and hours later, it was as you say, sunny palms and warm Surreal!BTW 1st time i guess i have used “the chrome browser” it’s all weird,the text entry is above the recaptcha [it isn’t usually, right?]and WAAYY below the name and email stuff…but doable… if it works when i click submit….also… just watched Julie and Julia interesting blog story….my mom said that Meryl Streep captured just the way Julia was in real life… they shared hair dressers [how weird is that]dave


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