Oh, Those Wacky Beermakers . . .

I was vaguely aware of Sam Calagione’s latest foray into beer weirdness, but today Lex from Scholars & Rogues sent me  a link to this article that has more detail. In this case, Sam is working with Patrick McGovern, an archaeologist whose name is well-known to alcohol scholars.

For more on the beers the duo created, see this. The beers are available to the public, but in limited editions (translation: move quickly if you want to try one.) McGovern has a new book out that sounds fascinating. I have not read it yet, but plan to. If nothing else, I’m looking forward to finding out what’s new in alcohol archaeology since I first investigated it for my book seven years ago. (*1)

Anyway, all worth reading. And thanks again to Lex at Scholars & Rogues for the tip.


*1: (I had this screwball idea that I would open my beer book by looking back — waaaay back — beer’s ancient history. I spent months wading through archaeological studies. In the end, I opted for a different tack with the book, but I still have the chapter I wrote. One of these days, I plan to post it as a PDF file — once I figure out how to create an online PDF file.)


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