Life In the Digital World? Not So Fabulous.

So I’m fiddling around with Chrome, trying to figure out if it’s a worthy alternative to Firefox, which, after four years, seems to have succumbed to the Microsoft Disease (you know: keep adding features and loading it up and rendering the damn program unusuable).

I suddenly realize what’s missing: Chrome’s address bar does not include the rss feed icon. I hunt through Chrome’s tools and options. Come up empty-handed. So I google to find out if I’m just too stupid to figure out how to add that icon to the address bar.

And discover that, indeed, nope, Chrome does not offer easy rss feeding. And while I’m looking around, I find this comment at a “support” forum from someone who wondered the same thing:

I don’t get it.  IE is a disaster.  I could do my taxes in the time it takes Firefox 3 to load.  And Chrome lacks basic features such as RSS feed.  Can’t ANYONE, 30 years after the introduction of PCs, write a competent, functional browser?

That, folks, is the issue in a nutshell. Or, in plain English: What the FUCK? A week or so ago, I started writing a long blog rant about software designers, the “new era,” etc. I set it aside as, well, kinda dumb.

But — by god, it’s time to go back to it and post that rant in full. Which I shall do soon.

Meantime, the “support” we need for the increasingly problematic online experience is — stiff drinks all around. I’d like Campari and soda, please, tall glass, a bit of ice. No lemon or lime.

6 thoughts on “Life In the Digital World? Not So Fabulous.

  1. Yeah. I would agree w/that sentiment. Kind of surprising, too. Those Google Guys usually get things right. They definitely screwed up w/this one.

  2. Dave, I visited that link. Made not sense to me. It’s SO annoying that the designers just assume that we’re all computer geeks? I’m not and don’t want to be.

  3. Digital (everything) sucks. I’m basically a caveman (who can type 70 wpm). I feel your pain, and would also like to point out that I’ve never had a problem with Mac’s Safari (except when I have some 20 windows open). The PC/MS digital world seems designed to frustrate more than ameliorate our lives.

  4. So is this what it was like when they invented the phone? HA![or is this the tv.. no it’s more interactive….]So the 3 of us are making this stuff work, well you guys mostly, i just mostly try to keep my computers work… but we keep coming back ‘cus we like this communicating experience…You guys like to write [thank you] and we like to read, and occasionally comment back, and this crazy system that the computer nuts figured out sometimes mostly works lolor is this the pony express lol

  5. Dave, you’ve got a point: The “system” does mostly work. Mostly. And you’re right also that hey, despite the screwups, it sure allows writers and readers to communicate in ways they wouldn’t have otherwise. So, you’ve convinced me: I’m gonna stop bitching about it. Although I’m SURE I’ll find something else to bitch about….


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