I Am . . . .

. . . . headed out of town. To visit The Baby. Who is now eight months old. And gorgeous: His mama’s blue eyes. His daddy’s rotund pink cheeks and bow mouth. His own spectacular personality.

I intend to spend the next five days goo-ing, ga-ga-ing, and generally babbling, fool-like, over The Baby. For the first time ever, however, I’ll be traveling with a “mobile device.”(*1)

So in between gazing at The Baby, baby-sitting (because mama and daddy would dearly love to eat one, just one, meal together), and generally hanging with The Family, it’s possible I’ll tweet, blog, or facebook (am still waiting for someone to tell me if that’s a verb) while I’m gone.

Meantime, there’s plenty here to occupy the idle among you. Until my return, dear readers, adieu.


*1: Courtesy of The Husband, who purchased a netbook so that he could remain in communication with all the family as he goes on from The Baby’s house to Bilbao, London, and Berlin, in order to, respectively, see the Guggenheim, visit our other daughter, and attend a conference. (I don’t like to travel. I don’t want to go with him. What can I say? William Faulkner and I have one thing in common.)

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