More Life = Slow Blogging

A few months ago, I read an article somewhere about “slow blogging.” It referred to the blogosphere’s version of the slow food movement: blog slowly and with care and only after careful deliberation, etc. etc.

I thought “Hmmm… that sounds like something people who are more neurotic than even me would consider.”

I mean, I’m all in favor of “slow food,” or at least good, thoughtful food  — but when a girl’s gotta eat, she’s gotta eat. Same with blogging. Which sort of brings me to my point: slow blogging here because once again life is getting in my eyes. Main problem is that I stupidly agreed to write a long essay for a beer magazine and that project has turned into a time sink. (And once I finish it, I believe I will have officially expounded, dissected, and disseminated the last of my original thoughts about beer.)

But — never fear: the next long, rambling series is not far away. It will provide historical perspective on the nature of “revolutions,” inspired by a book I just read (and have mentioned here several times): Daniel Goleman’s Ecological Intelligence. So, hey, you should read that book so you’ll know what I’m talking about when I get around to that series.

One thought on “More Life = Slow Blogging

  1. We will find out what publication so we can try to run out and purchase it if possible [if we don’t already subscribe…]”……..disseminated the last of my original thoughts about beer.”wait, no more “First draft Follies”? I’m sure you have more nuggets awaiting? ok ok, your not just a *beer* writer…..but….also, from another section I think i said this before, but wiki is always work a 1st look, never the last, and the discussion page is either a great hoot, or occasionally a surprising section of minable info, at least make you think… but you gotta dig…. and laugh..


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