Alcohol As Stimulus to Creativity?

Okay, this is interesting. The “money quote” is this:

The creative effect of alcohol, then, seems to involve a delicate counterpoint between stimulation and relaxation.

Now, if only we could all figure out where and how to achieve that “delicate counterpoint.” Tip o’ the snifter to Drew Weinstein, a “friend” at Facebook. (Truth be told, I have no idea who he is, although I think he may be a “friend” of my son-in-law’s and that’s how he ended up “friending” me at Facebook. (It is called “friending,” isn’t it?) (If so, awful word!)

One thought on “Alcohol As Stimulus to Creativity?

  1. Any bar pool player knows this ratio all too well. There’s a moment when the beer lubricates your limbs and vanquishes shot anxiety. It’s the moment just before your innate sense of physics gives way to your lizard brain’s desire to HIT THE BALL REALLY HARD. Ah, but in that moment!


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