Inside the Anheuser-Busch InBev “Beer Lab”

Via Jeremiah McWilliams of Lager Heads, this piece about a fellow reporter’s tour of the A-B InBev “beer lab” in St. Louis.

1. Piece reminds me so much of all those “your reporter was taken on a tour of the brewery” pieces written back in the 19th century (whenever Adolphus or Frederick wanted to drum up news, they invited reporters around and got what they wanted: gushy, but detailed, descriptions of the brewery facilities).

2. Why am I thinking the A-B brew lab won’t last much longer? It’s precisely the kind of money sink that new owners InBev (and especially Carlos Brito) hate.

3 thoughts on “Inside the Anheuser-Busch InBev “Beer Lab”

  1. OK WTF ???bud light tastes like crapthey market the crap out of bl and select and budso what’s up with “Dopplebocks? Brett? Wood-aged stouts? Rye double IPAs? “That kinda freaked me out, makes it harder for me to just hate them outright (?) Is that right? This is all too weird.Is it all about the lowest common denominator, light mellow swill for the masses?You know Andy always talking about the coors “thing” it’s not a lab, but it’s where the blue moon came from..too much,dave

  2. The facility serves many other purposes other than as a “playground.”It’s a training ground for brewers before they head out to the various plants.New crops of hops and malts are tested here before they are used.Because is emulates the full size brewery the processes for brewing various beers are established here.I share your fear of what cost cutting might mean at A-B, but this particular facility makes financial sense. Perhaps they didn’t tell this the P-D reporter that part of the story because “beers with brett” are sexy – in which case they got just the story they wanted.

  3. At some level you almost have to love them for it. With this in place they have the recipes to produce some of the best beers in the world. Their only limitation is that they can’t do anything on the small scale. Still if they made a beer called Anheuser-Busch India Pale Ale and it was knock your socks off spot on, would you really be able to resist it?I know there’s the culture issue, that they won’t be able to adapt. I think this just proves that they’re ready to adapt whenever they decide to. And I think the culture can easily change with a younger generation moving up in the ranks.Besides Brito already owns half the world’s brewing production. Without violating half the world’s anti-trust laws, what else does he have to buy up?


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