2 thoughts on “My Auto Bailout Plan STILL Sounds Good

  1. Sorry for the double comment post. I commented in the wrong place.First, each large auto company should be given the option of spitting into smaller companies by brand. Then allowing each to fail or succeed on its own.Offer your solution to each of the smaller brands should they fail.Allowing a huge company that was argued as being too big to fail, to be assisted into just being acquired by another large auto company, does not seem to mitigate the risk. People will still loose their jobs and we will be left with a company that is even bigger than the original company that was too big to fail.I think that the only thing they are too big for, at this point, is too big to innovate.

  2. Your last sentence: Exactly! They’ve lost sight of creativity and innovation. And I absolutely believe that the people who WORK there — the people on the lines — probably have thousands of great ideas for innovation.


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