Damn! And Here I Thought It Was the Ultimate in Convenience

So I look at Twitter this morning, and what I find are a string of tweets about how annoying it is that many people’s Facebook “updates” consist of their own tweets and/or their own blog entries.

Um, that would be me. I thought it was amazing, incredible, and astonishingly cool that I could use Twitter to alert anyone who cared to new blog entries and then use that same tweet to update my Facebook page. So that, ya know, the Facebook page doesn’t required much care or feeding from me. Silly, silly me.

Sigh. I’m really never gonna “get it,” am I? This brave new world of interconnected connectivity. Must go now. Must wander off to some dark corner and ponder my mental density. Or alternatively, ponder which of the two “connections” to sever: The Twitter connection to Facebook, or the blog feed to Facebook. Hmmmm…. What to do? What to do?

One thought on “Damn! And Here I Thought It Was the Ultimate in Convenience

  1. I’m annoyed when the *only* thing a Twitter account does is publish the rss feed. As long as there’s some human interaction interspersed with it, I don’t mind at all. In fact, if something sounds interesting then I’ll read it immediately instead of waiting until my aggregator picks it up (which explains why I commented on I Am A Craft Brewer before this post)


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