When Schuhmacher Speaks, You Oughta Listen

Yesterday I got a long email about “Beer Wars” from Harry Schuhmacher, who runs Beer Business Daily.

As I would have expected, his take was thoughtful, nuanced, and suffused with long-view, big-picture perspective — precisely the perspective that was not given its due during the “Beer Wars” saga. (If I seemed to be aggravated while on stage, it was because I was holding my tongue and not saying “Greg, Todd, Sam, Charlie! You’re full of shit. Get some perspective.” Or words to that effect.)

Anyway, I intended to ask Harry if I could post his email here at my blog, but he beat me to the punch and posted it at his own blog. It’s worth noting that, ahem, he’s not seen the film — but in this case (unlike so many others), his comments are absolutely worth reading.

2 thoughts on “When Schuhmacher Speaks, You Oughta Listen

  1. You did seem a bit aggravated, but, I do recall you bringing a good perspective to the whole conversation.If Anat wanted to get the convo in the blogosphere started, she certainly did.I guess the question is, what will come of it? Or perhaps the war is over already and nothing needs to happen.

  2. I’m not sure what will come of it, but — am planning to add my five cents worth via the series I’m writing about all of it. Part one is up now. More will follow. (Well, okay, more ALWAYS follows from me. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m terminally long-winded.)


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