Update On Jack McAuliffe

Jack’s sister Cathy posted an update as a comment to a previous post, but I’m bumping it up here to a new post for greater visibility. Good news on a snowy Sunday morning! From Cathy:

OK! Here’s an update. Jack is still in the trauma ICU. He’s much more alert, so he can communicate by nodding or shaking his head. He’s still on the ventilator, so he can’t talk…warning to all of you smokers! Smokers have to spend more time on a ventilator in a situation like this than non-smokers!!! His friends in Sandy Valley are ready, willing, and able to care for him when he leaves the hospital…he’ll stay with a friend in her extra bedroom. She works during the day, but another friend (right across the street) will be there during the day.

One thought on “Update On Jack McAuliffe

  1. I’m not sure how to post this as a new entry, Maureen!I am back in San Antonio…the last two days I was in Las Vegas, Jack was pretty heavily sedated, so there wasn’t much communication at all.The good news is that he is close to getting the ventilator taken out…and they have him less sedated so that he can breath on his own more. They tried taking the ventilator out today, but he wasn’t ready yet. They’ll try again tomorrow.My brother will be going out there as some point, as will my sister. And I intend to go back, too. His friends are having a fundraiser, tentatively scheduled for May 2.


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