Please Send Prayers (Or Whatever) for Jack McAuliffe.

I just learned that Jack McAuliffe, pioneer microbrewer, was in a serious car accident. He’s in intensive care, on a ventilator, in a Las Vegas hospital. I got the news from Don Barkley, who called me to see if I could find Jack’s daughter. (Which I’ve done and she’s getting details from the hospital.) I will post more as information becomes available.

5 thoughts on “Please Send Prayers (Or Whatever) for Jack McAuliffe.

  1. I’m Jack’s sister…just talked to the hospital. Jack’s a pretty private person, so I won’t say a lot except that he’s doing OK, considering… Thanks for your prayers and “whatevers!” Cathy

  2. I am Jack’s daughter, and I want to thank Maureen for letting me know about Jack’s injuries, very shortly after I had heard about them myself. Thanks for all good thoughts. Renee

  3. I’m Jack’s sister and am grateful to you for setting up this blog. Has anyone been to see Jack? Is he even able to have visitors?

  4. I’ll be going out to Las Vegas tomorrow (Friday) to see Jack and meet some of his friends. He is still on the ventilator, but seems to be doing OK. He has a wonderfully loving and supportive community of friends out there! Cathy

  5. […] Albion brewery in 1977, was injured in a accident in Las Vegas this week and is in intensive care. Maureen Ogle has updates from the family on her […]


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