The Alan and Andy Contrarian Show

There are few things I enjoy more than a solid contrarian. (*1)

Two of my favorite such animals are Alan McLeod at The Good Beer Blog and Andy Crouch at The Beer Scribe. I’ve never met either of them; wouldn’t know them if they walked in the door and smacked me over the head, but they enjoy high ranking on my List of Favorite People.

Recent evidence at hand: Apparently there’s some controversy raging in the beer world about beer “styles.” Alan weighed in here with a dollop of common sense.

Andy weighs in on a different matter when he questions the craft brewing party line about who is and isn’t a “craft” brewer.

(While you’re there, read his previous post about the blog “love fest” surrounding the upcoming Beer Wars film.) (Again, full disclosure: I’m in that film and will be at the live panel that follows the April 16 debut.)

Contrarians. You gotta love ’em.


*1: Never mind the dictionary definition. Mine is that a contrarian is one who, while all around her others are drifting with the tide or furiously swimming against it, stops, treads water, and says “Hey, folks, before you’re all hurled to shore or drowned, why don’t we stop, ponder the situation, and apply some common sense and logic.” Or words to that effect.

One thought on “The Alan and Andy Contrarian Show

  1. Hey Maureen, I like your definition (and keeping company with Alan). We’ve got plenty of yes folk in the beer business so I figure why not take a different view every once in a while…Cheers,Andy


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