It’s March 1. And if you live in the upper midwest, that means one thing:

Winter is over.

Yeah, it’ll still be cold for another month. We may have another blizzard or two.

But none of it will amount to much and rather than signify the beginning of months of the same, they’ll signify minor roadblocks en route to daffodils, leaf sprouts, and puffy clouds skittering across pale blue sky.


2 thoughts on “WHOOOO HOOOO!

  1. Meanwhile, in NYC we may get over a foot of snow during the next 24 hours. Hoping for a snow day from work tomorrow. Of course, this potential storm may fizzle, as so many of them do. But I won’t let that stop me from calling the employer’s “emergency hotline,” hoping for a message about a day off.

  2. We *just* got of the Skype-phone (and webcam) with our daughter and son-in-law in NYC (Astoria, to be precise) and they mentioned the snow. I think they’re hoping for total whammy so they can, um, play hooky tomorrow. (Their first child is five months old. They’re tired.)


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