Historical Tidbits: Beer. The Kegmaster Saves Draft Beer, 1954

From 1954: Kegmaster, Inc. launched a new device designed to help bar owners prevent waste and earn profits. According to the company, its new Kegmaster dispenser “automatically measures every glassful, down to a fraction of an ounce,” and is designed to extract “all the beer in a keg, letting none of it get flat.” Bar owners no longer needed to rely “on the skill of the bartender.”

Instead, the Kegmaster dispenser “hydraulically draws each portion into a measuring chamber” designed to hold the precise size of a serving. “When the bartender draws a glass, the beer in the chamber flows out” into the glass, and “fills up again automatically.” No waste, no fuss, no muss.

Hmmmmm. Question is: Did the Kegmaster “machine” pull an “honest pint”?


Source: “Beer From the Machine,” Business Week, April 3, 1954, p. 102.

Tip o’ the mug — and a wink — to Jeff Alworth of Beervana and his Honest Pint Project.


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