Hawaii — Land of Sun and . . . Snow

I’m such a doofus that I assumed Hawaii was, ya know, all sand and sun and palm trees. (I’ve never been there.) (*1) Nope. Astute Reader Dexter, who lives in Hawaii, set me straight by sending me some photos of the snowy slopes of Mauna Kea. The volcano sports an especially heavy blanket of snow this winter. I hunted around for some “public” images and you can see those here.

Tip o’ the mug to Dexter, who often takes time out of his day to share interesting stuff with me. Lucky sod: I can see him now, laying on one of those beaches, surfing his laptop . . . .


*1: Which, yes, was stupid of me because I knew there was an observatory there and therefore there must be summit of some sort and where there is height, there is snow….


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