Best Commentary Yet On Twitter

This is so funny, and SO well-written. (What I wouldn’t give to be able to crank out something as witty…) Mind you, I’m still not convinced about the Twitter thing, but at least I can now kind of, sort of, maybe see the point. (Being an even older dinosaur than Jeff, well, there’s probably not a lotta hope for me.)

3 thoughts on “Best Commentary Yet On Twitter

  1. Join us, Maureen (he says curling his finger like DEATH himself)! I’ve never Facebooked, never MySpaced…but the words are so much more satisfying, somehow. Just try. No obligation. No salesman will visit your home. But I’ll follow you (and “followers” are so much better than “friends”)…

  2. Heh heh….. The sad fact is that my life is so boring that no sane person would “follow” it.”I’m going downstairs to get a drink of water.””I’m standing at the window watching the birds while I drink my water.”I’m going back upstairs to my desk.””Back at my desk.””I’m reading testimony from an 1879 NY State Assembly investigation into railroad abuses.”Fascinating? You be the judge.

  3. As a bird-lover and history major (focus on colonial social history…reading women’s diaries and the like), yes, I would want to follow that! But T is really much more than “what are you doing at this very moment.” Also, what are you thinking about? What did you read that others might find of interest (and you don’t have enough to say to blog about it)? And the 140 character restriction is strangely satisfying, both to write and to read. Even for an anti-social type like me, the communication, back-and-forth of it is also good…you get to communicate but the form prevents everyone from rambling on and on.


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