When A Book Is Just A Book — Or Not . . . .

More fascinating reading on, well, reading — or at least how we do it, might do it, or not do it.

When is a “book” not a “book”? Hmmmm…..

And then this response from David Nygren at the Urban Elitist, who pointed me toward that essay.

And then this thoughtful assessment yet of “reading” and the “e-book,” or, er, the not-book, or, er, whatever….

(Although I must say, aside from a brief, emphasis on brief, mention of the “content providers,” aka “writers,” he, like just about everyone else, forgets that, well, someone needs to provide the damn content.)

And then, if you’re still wondering why I care about all of this, here’s an old piece from Salon about why books cost what they do.


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