Brew Pubs and Beer in Utah

Not sure why the NY Times has suddenly decided to devote so much effort to covering brewpubs, but . . . . This week it looks at the brewpub/beer scene in Utah. When we were in Moab last June, we ate several times at Moab Brewery. The food was better than average for that kind of place, and the beer was terrific. (It went over well with our kids who live in London . . . .)

2 thoughts on “Brew Pubs and Beer in Utah

  1. So often the NYT is just about the very last to discover and write about a cultural phenomenon (or even if they’ve touched something before, they treat it like a brand new discovery). Someone there probably read that New Yorker article or something. Look for them to re-discover the internet in the coming months.

  2. David, I burst out laughing when I read the last line of your comment.You’ve nailed the Times’ propensity for being the verrrrry last to catch up with the leading edge.


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