Busch Family Tree

A number of people have emailed me to ask about the Busch family tree. (Eg: “Who ARE all those people?” “How does an Adolphus end up being an uncle to an August, and why isn’t Adolphus running the show?” “Where are you coming up with six generations?” Etc.) I know the answers, but a graphic is much easier to understand. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch to the rescue. The newspaper has published an e-family tree. It’s a bit tricky to navigate, but if you click the little gizmo in the lower left corner, you can zoom in and out. Right-click your mouse to move the entire tree.

2 thoughts on “Busch Family Tree

  1. My mother always said she thought she was related to the Busch family that owns the brewery in St. Louis. She thought she was prob-ably a cousin. Her father had a brother who was sup-posed to have come to the U.S. and did well with a brewery. Her name was Veronica Busch. After all these years, I’d like to know, myself. Thanks!

  2. I have been doing quite a bit of research on my family tree. my grandmother(Joan), has told me that we are distant relatives of the busch family. her fathers name is George Evret Busch born around 1911. he married a woman named Agnes Elizebeth Kennedy. it would be great to know if we are truly related. not sure of their parents names yet, but i will try to find out. thanks.


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